The INNOENT cube is a proxy for an invention.

One of the most important tools of the INNOENT Education program.

With the cube we support both the inventors and their mentors in watching out for intellectual rigths for the inventions and keeping it with the inventor but not 3rd parties.

Business – Cards

Build our business relations.

In every society there are individuals and groups which serve different roles. One face of a society is the economical side, raising funds and spending.

In this game we look at different roles of individuals and their businesses in the society.

How does the dentists office relate to the shoemaker? What business can a tourist guide have with a clown?

A game of role playing, business opportunities and economies.


Lets view the world from a new perspective.

We all have our peculiarities and know our comfort zone. In this game the inventor needs to put on the shoes of whomever he draws from the deck and reach out of the everyday box to come up with a solution to a given problem.

Peculiarities are used throughout the process of INNOENT Education to train our budding inventors to keep an open mind and clear eyes, all the time.

Locks and Keys

Find the missing key and unlock blockades.

This game addresses nine defined mind blockades which stop us in using our creativity to the fullest. The keys to the locks are simple. First we need to realise that the locks exist, then we can easily deal with them.

Like all the INNOENT games, Locks and keys is primarily about using new concepts and situations in fun and play which in turn helps us to deal with these issues in real life.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun during the exercise.

Reverse IT

Find new uses for well known objects.

Reverse it is about finding new uses for everyday objects we all know.

All the things around us are made by humans as a solution to some need. But we know that sometimes we can use things to solve problems for totally different needs than it was originally designed to solve.

It’s all about quick thinking, keeping one’s mind open and coming up with lots of new needs this object can solve.