10 Questions

Questions you should keep in mind before marketing a product.

When it is time to market an idea or product there is lots of things one needs to be prepared for. The ten sided dice is developed based on research on what investors want to know about an idea or product which is being presented to them.

It is one thing to know what investors want to know but a different thing to be prepared to answer those questions concisely. The games object is to answer the questions quickly and get response from other participants.

Playing this game with others is a much more effective way than practicing in front of a mirror since the mirror is not big on constructive criticism.


Apply innovative thinking to solve tasks.

Use what you’ve got! In this game you get three cards with things commonly found in your home.

Apply your imagination and creativity to make products from these things to fit the categories on the game board.

An exercise in creativity and resourcefulness to solve unexpected projects.


Fit the pieces to create great things.

Object of this game is to collect the pieces needed to build things like a bike, a yacht or a robot. But even though things are going great unexpected things can happen which turn your plans upside down.


Whoops, what do we do now?

You are given the task of executing something special to solve the crizis. It can be anything from throwing a birthday party for 5 year old twins to initiating peace negotiation between conflicting forces.

All the tasks come with some uncertainty and you have to come up with a plan to succeed under the given conditions. What surprise will your cards hold?